Man has on sun scarf gauze clothing
Male model wears long scarf as a head cover. He sits in meditation pose wearing green shirt and blue jogger pants.
Man wearing gold cotton scarf draped around neck.
Male model dons gold scarf around neck paired with white shirt.
Man and woman sit side by side. Man is wearing long gold scarf with white shirt and pants. Woman ihas on slate tank top and red skirt.
Man kneels on striped blanket with drum. He has lightweight scarf around neck that is blowing in the breeze.
Man sits at kitchen table dressed in long scarf draped around neck and green shirt.
Man is smiling and wearing scarf around neck over white shirt.
Back of male model that has red scarf around neck. Woman's hands are on his back in a hug.
Man standing on blanket in grass holding ends of gray scarf draped over his shoulders.
Man has scarf tied as turban on head. He is wearing a green shirt and sitting at kitchen table.
Man poses with dark green scarf around next with ends in his hands. He has on a green top and white pants.
Model wears white scarf on hair as a head wrap.

Sun Scarf

Regular price$22.00


Express your inner bohemian with this attractive strip of color. This scarf is moisture-wicking and breathable 100% cotton. It regulates the humidity on your neck and makes you look dashing. Handmade from all-natural, sustainable fibers. 

Measures 65 x 22 inches

Pre-shrunk. Wash warm. Hang dry. Groove.

COLOR VARIATIONS  Our clothes are hand-dyed after they are sewn. This means there are minor variations in color. We have an excellent return policy if the color variation you receive is not fitting in your palette. We aim for our colors to match our photos. We hope you love them.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nancy S.
Height: 5'5 - 5'6
Size: 8 - 10
Huns scarf

Love it!!!!!’

Chris O.

Rich color and light in weight which is a plus. I'm sure it will get softer with use and washing.

Sarah S.

It's okay. I really like Cotton Flower and just placed my 3rd order, so Imma be looking fantastic when the weather warms up here in Colorado! I think these sashes are fairly priced for those that don't sew, but I do, and will be heading to the fabric store when I want new colors.

Cuong W.

The scarf is actually really short. I wish I had used a tape measure to estimate it before buying. Also, there's an annoying tag/label sewed to it and the tag is very, um, unseemly. And I'm afraid to cut it out for fear of undoing the delicate stitch. Why does a scarf need a tag/label?

Schaefer C.

The quality of the Manifest Scarf is gold is lovely, but the color is not as pictured. I looked on various monitors before ordering, but the color of the scarf is not a vibrant gold color, but much more of a mustard yellow. I bought it after searching a long time for the right gold color. Such a bummer. Again, very nice quality and the shipping was fast.

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