Materials & Care

Smooth Gauze Cotton

Soft and breathable, yet strong because it's woven, this cotton wicks moisture, dries in a flash, and floats in the breeze. Our smooth cotton only gets better with washing and wear.

・゚✧ Styles Offered・゚✧
Prairie Pant, Gauze Bells, Natural Yoga Pant, Tiered Pocket Skirt, Athena Skirt, Button Top, Frida Top, Petal Top, Men's Woven Tee and Huna Wrap. All gauze Undyed styles are Textured, not Smooth (see next)・゚✧

Care: Machine Wash Cold, Hang Dry, Dance

It's important that you hang dry. When tumble dried, the weave tightens and the gauze becomes puffy and less elegant.

Textured Gauze Cotton

This is our buttery cotton with an amazing feather-weight hand feel. Equally light as the smooth gauze, but floats more. This material will have you feeling light, feminine and flirty. Built to last when washed and dried correctly.

・゚✧ Styles Offered・゚✧
Flutter Skirt, Creme Puff, Ruffle Wrap Skirt, Cami, Fairy Tank, Gauze Tank, Flowy Vest, Sun Wrap, and Manifest Scarf. All gauze Undyed styles・゚✧

Care:  Machine Wash Cold, Hang Dry, Dance

It's important that you hang dry. When tumble dried, the material looses its gauzy texture, the weave tightens, and the gauze becomes puffy, flat, and less elegant.

Double-thick Gauze

Fluffy, pillowy, and cozy, this material is reminiscent of classic cloth baby diapers. Soft and dry, this material will have you feeling held by the Earth Mama. This is our only material that slowly ages with washing and use. Not quickly, but compared to the other fabrics in our collection, which only improve with age.

・゚✧ Styles Offered・゚✧
Dakini Pant, Spirit Pant, Sophia Skirt, Tee Dress, Khuna Cowl, Pocket Tunic, Poncho, Lotus Wrap, Goddess Wrap, and Cozy Scarf・゚✧

Care: Machine Wash Cold, Hang Dry, Dance

It's very important that this material does not go in the dryer. The dryer will remove the pillows and tighten the weave, making it look flat and round. Hanging dry will preserve this wonderful texture for years.

Medium-Weight Woven

Durable material described as a softer, lighter canvas. You can be rougher in this material than in the others. It's heavier and warmer than our gauze fabrics. Improves with wear.

・゚✧ Styles Offered・゚✧
Joggers, Magik Skirt, Audrey Tank, Tara Top, Masculine Groove Tee, Masculine Long Sleeve, and Masculine Pant・゚✧

Care: Machine Wash Warm, Dry low, Groove. Easy!

Hypoallergenic &


All fabrics we carry are digestible by the Earth 

Our Undyed collection is Hypoallergenic and great for skin sensitivities. Must wash first to soften and remove previous energies.