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I purchased an imperfect pair thinking something was going to be seriously wrong with it. It took me so long to figure out that some of the seams are on the wrong way round. I've got compliments on the "detailing" (the wrong way out seams) and honestly I don't think I would have loved a "perfect" pair as much as I love these.


I cannot stress enough how worth it these pants are. SO comfortable; and the “imperfection” is *extremely* minor. I definitely would be willing to purchase again!


My favorite item from this shop and my favorite pants. I own these in 4 colors and wear them so often. Can't find the imperfection, glad to get these at a lower price.


I love this skirt, I've still been trying to find the imperfect part..... And I can't it is amazing. I feel beautiful in it which is hard for me.... If you're hesitant to order don't be. The shipping was fast and the clothes are amazing!!


I waited forever to order from Cotton Flower and finally got imperfects. These had a minuscule hole in them and are still beautiful and flattering! Can’t wait to wear them out or do yoga in them. I normally break out in hives after yoga because of the Lycra. So it’s super exciting having something that won’t make me itchy.


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