100% Cotton, Naturally Yours. Life in Full Bloom

Welcome to Cotton Flower Clothing. Our collections feature 100% cotton clothes, ethically handmade by women owned small businesses in Thailand. We're able to support talented creators with livable wages that allow them to lead comfortable lives such as sewing from home. We believe in creating joyful and comfortable fashion responsibly, inviting you to embrace fun and sustainability with every piece.

Two women wearing gauze clothing

live life in full bloom


Our cotton gauze clothing is hand sewn by women artisans in Thailand. Our collections embody the Thai national motto sanuk, which conveys the idea "to enjoy oneself". Our mission is to help you live your best natural life through ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly clothing.

Couple dancing in cotton gauze clothing



Our cotton gauze clothing is mainly single or double layered woven cotton which makes them uniquely lightweight and breathable yet strong. Stretch, dance, play or lay; with our gauze clothing you will feel comfortable and free to do anything.

Sweet Sentiments


I LOVE my purchase! I will use these items to practice yoga and to simply wear. They are soft, comfy, and really beautiful.
Don’t hesitate to purchase if you’re looking ~ you will def
awaken the Goddess inside you.


Cotton Flower is my new favorite place to buy clothes and I want to live in them forever 👌 The Sophia skirt is flowy and soft and it is a dream to twirl around it 🧡


The dakinis are literally the comfiest pants I've ever worn. I love them so much. I purchased 4 different colors for myself and ended up buying two pairs for friends as gifts! I'm obsessed.


I sleep in this skirt. I garden in this skirt. I dance in this skirt. I binge watch Netflix shows in this skirt. I’m going through a heatwave in this skirt. I do squats in this skirt. Needless to say, I love this skirt...and you will too.