Female has on gauze cotton wrap skirt over swimsuit.
Model wears matching shirt and skirt made to look like one piece using a sash at waist. She walks in, turns and walks out.
Model shows how to wear fabric scarf as a sarong over wrap skirt. She walks in, turns, and walks out.
Back of model shows wrap skirt ties in back.
Model against night sky wears white crop top and un-dyed white skirt.
Woman relaxes back in wooden chair wearing skirt over bathing suit.
Female clothing model is dressed in long white skirt and white shirt.
Magik Skirt
Magik Skirt
Magik Skirt
Magik Skirt
Model poses in long red skirt with slit at leg and bikini top. She is looking at her hands above her head.
Magik Skirt
Magik Skirt
Model sits on dock at lagoon. She is wearing a wrap around red skirt that ties in back.
Model poses in jungle setting wearing black slitted skirt and gold tank top. She is barefoot.
Model relaxes back on chaise wearing gauze skirt with slit and tank top.
Magik Skirt
Magik Skirt

Magik Skirt

Regular price$56.00


Inspired by Isis, Queen of Heaven (Egypt), the Magik Skirt is a vibrant cradle for your hips - your center of water and power. Neither too small nor too large, she fits you just right. In her wrap, feel safe, secure, loved. There may be a hint of queen energy supporting you as your wrap it tight, allowing your hips and thighs to relax into their power. Made from 100% all-natural, breathable, cotton gaze fibers.

Length 36 inches
Width of material at waist 39" inches (not including strings)

Length 36 inches
Width of material at waist 43" inches (not including strings)

Tip: To achieve leg revealing moments, size down. For a professional approach, size up.

Model in videos is 5'7" and wearing M/L

Pre-shrunk. Wash warm. Dry low. Dance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Annie K.
Height: 5'7 - 5'8
Size: 8 - 10
Not quite what I expected

I originally found this skirt on Cotton Flower’s Etsy page where it is described as “thick woven cotton”. Based on that description I was surprised to find that the material was quite a bit more insubstantial than I expected. I also ordered the M/L for fuller coverage. I am rather slender and still found the skirt did not fully cover my legs if I sat cross-legged, which is important to me. I love wrap skirts, and own several that I like. The Magik Skirt is a significantly smaller piece of fabric than any of the other wrap skirts I own. It did not seem like a good value for the price I paid, which was $56.

Caitlyn B.
Height: 5'5 - 5'6
Size: 4 - 6
Super easy to wear!

Cute and timeless! Easy to dress up or down and washes nicely. The color is very vivid and matches the pictures!

Shannon C.

I ended up giving this to a friend as a gift and she loves it!!


Fabulous, flows, soft, comfortable

Annabelle G.

Absolutly beautiful! It fits perfecly. The red is gorgous! ❤️

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