Woman has sun wrap in hair
Woman shows off long scarf tied as a bikini top with long skirt. She lays on a blanket.
Woman sits on bed with hair wrapped in head scarf, tank top and long flowing skirt.
Woman is smiling with head and shoulders covered with long green gauze head scarf.
Model stands by ocean with hair tied up in long blue scarf.
Model has long scarf tied as a halter top. She wears gold-color bottoms and sits at the water's edge.
Model has head wrap tied and knotted around her hair. She's wearing an un-dyed tank top, brown belt and brown lounge pants.
Yoga model has on wrap tied as halter top, long white cloak and loose white pants. She stands outside on a blanket.
Woman has hair adorned in long green gauze scarf with matching tank and skirt.
Woman is clothed in long red wrap that drapes over her head, shoulders and chest. Her left arm is in the air above her head.
Woman has red wrap tied as a sarong skirt paired with purple tank top. She relaxes on a rock by turquoise water.
Sun Wrap
Sun Wrap
Sun Wrap
Sun Wrap
Sun Wrap
Sun Wrap
Sun Wrap
Sun Wrap
Sun Wrap

Sun Wrap

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Radiate your queenly beauty with a soft cotton wrap to decorate your crown. Upgrade your energy instantly ~ slight pressure on points around your crown helps keep you centered and standing tall. Headwraps are used across the globe for keeping our psychic energy ours. The beauty of the cotton headwrap is that it breathes fully.

✧*: You may be treated with more respect and twinkles with your headwrap on ~ get ready for it! Women report that the headwrap is one of their best business meeting allies.・゚✧

Materials are eco-friendly and sustainable. Our 100% cotton gauze clothes are all handmade and hand-dyed.

Measures 65" by 22" inches.  

Note: This wrap can also be worn as a top on XS and Small. Med and Large, purchase the Goddess Wrap to wear as a top.

Pre-shrunk. Wash warm. Hang dry. Dance.

COLOR VARIATIONS  Our clothes are hand-dyed after they are sewn. This means there are minor variations in color. We have an excellent return policy if the color variation you receive is not fitting in your palette. We aim for our colors to match our photos. We hope you love them.
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Customer Reviews

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Received, love the color

Rylie L.R.
Height: 5'9 - 5'10
My new fav accessory and grounding tool!

After a move and transitions, my spirit was calling in more grounding… I felt called to wrap my crown for 30 days, and was referred to this beautiful company by a dear goddess! I feel not only beautifully adorned in my head scarf, but extra energetically protected as well. Grateful <3


I love love love it!


I love love love it!

Height: 5'5 - 5'6
Size: 4 - 6
Great piece of Green Luxury

Together with the emerald skirt- perfect!