Cozy Natural Clothing for your Vibrant Life

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Our driving force and focus is Love. Love for the Earth, Love for our bodies and Love for each other. We imagine you feeling comfort and freedom to live your best life. Every order is wrapped in low-impact packaging and sent to you promptly.


Handmade & Handled with Love

Our clothing is created and produced by women leaders in Northern California and Northern Thailand. Playful spirit is infused in the vibration of these clothes from their origin, where the national motto is "to enjoy" (sanuk). Our mission is to empower the feminine, effecting a rebalancing of health.

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Regular price $44.00

110% Cotton

COTTON FLOWER is a collection of lightweight, elegant, playful clothing that honors the simple beauty of nature. Our clothing is made of soft, strong woven cotton, styled playfully.

Materials + Care

Flexible Fitting

Earthen material + flexibility come together to remind us that we are the Spirit of Nature. Enjoy waistbands that conform to your unique shape ~ these are happy clothes!

Visual Size Guide

For All Beings

Our clothing is designed to be uni~sex + enjoyed for its comfort and simplicity. Fairy-like yet forward-feeling, our styles are timeless and loved worldwide.

Breathe Beautifully

Stretch, Dance & play in breathable cotton

Let more Light in

with Lightweight cotton

Surrender in Style

Mother Earth has your back
Tiered Pocket SkirtFlutter SkirtAthena SkirtSophia SkirtRuffle Wrap Skirt


In every color for any occasion

Ultimate freedom is found in flowy fabrics with room to breathe. Dress them up or down, skirts are a yoni's best friend.

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Breathable PantManifest ScarfCozy ScarfWoven Long SleeveWoven Tee

Masculine Collection

Lightbody Activate!

Our Masculine Collection is designed to provide total comfort, simplicity, and sophistication across the globe.

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Goddess Approved


I LOVE my purchase! I will use these items to practice yoga and to simply wear. They are soft, comfy, and really beautiful.
Don’t hesitate to purchase if you’re looking ~ you will def
awaken the Goddess inside you.


Cotton Flower is my new favorite place to buy clothes and I want to live in them forever 👌 The Sophia skirt is flowy and soft and it is a dream to twirl around it 🧡


The dakinis are literally the comfiest pants I've ever worn. I love them so much. I purchased 4 different colors for myself and ended up buying two pairs for friends as gifts! I'm obsessed.


I sleep in this skirt. I garden in this skirt. I dance in this skirt. I binge watch Netflix shows in this skirt. I’m going through a heatwave in this skirt. I do squats in this skirt. Needless to say, I love this skirt...and you will too.


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If we select your photo for our website, we’ll send you a free item of your choice.