Our Magical Story

Summary + Mission

Cotton Flower was born in 2014, a time when many Americans were becoming more embodied with yoga and meditation. At that time, the yoga clothing available was plastic and restrictive. Yogi Sarah was searching for clothing that made her skin and being feel happy, elegant, and free. In truth, she had been searching for this her whole life.

When she discovered gauze cotton in Thailand, a magical sequence of events occurred and Cotton Flower came to be. She felt like a beautiful human flower, and had to share that feeling with others.

Cotton Flower's wearers notice a feminine earthen magic in these threads. They have softened us, opened us, and helped us know that we are children of the Earth. We send you blessings with these clothes, to live relaxed, and to love the beauty that you are.    

May all beings awaken to LOVE

The Cotton Flower Process


All of the cottons are lovingly sewn in Thailand by women owned businesses.

We then patiently wait for them to ship from the jungle over sacred waters to the Redwoods of California.

Before shipping them to you, our team does final prepping and trimming in a peaceful and beautiful warehouse located on a farm. We
intentionally infuse the clothes with good vibes and blessings before shipping them to you

Our Growing Team

Sarah offers this clothing to support your breathable, vibrant, playful, and most importantly, relaxed, life. A relaxed body invites joy, and we need more of that here on Earth. Here's to your beauty and perfection, Flowers!  



Our clothes are made in Central Thailand by three women-owned small businesses. Many of the sewers work from home with their families. We love working with our producers to create magical earthen clothing for you!  

One of our Producers


Lily is a free-spirited, open-hearted leader. She beautifies and improves whatever she's involved in, and therefore, her magic is woven throughout many facets of Cotton Flower. She is an herbalist, plant dyer and lover of earthen wares.



Formerly our warehouse manager, Sarah knows every detail of our collection and our shipping process. She is happy to help you with whatever you need or are curious about.



Vocal coach and talented singer-songwriter, Diana shines her passion for expression and empowerment in her writings as the voice of Cotton Flower. She also creates beautiful messages for our email list recipients.