Turquoise in Sterling ✧Navajo✧
Turquoise in Sterling ✧Navajo✧
Turquoise in Sterling ✧Navajo✧

Turquoise in Sterling ✧Navajo✧

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This beautiful and classic turquoise ring was handmade by a Navajo artisan in New Mexico. This is a solid piece of natural turquoise, not a composite, set in sterling silver. Made to last a lifetime.

Size 8 (one ring only)

The following is an energy description of the stone from Love is in the Earth:

Turquoise is of high spirituality and can bring both valor and protection on the spiritual level, and from the etheric plane. It is also a stone of Earth-grounding; one can remain grounded during spiritual "work." It acts to improve meditation and to further peace of mind. 

Turquoise induces wisdom and understanding, enhances trust, kindness, and the recognition of beauty. It is said to promote spontaneity in romance and to stimulate the initiation of romantic love. 

Turquoise is a master healer, emanating a purifying energy which tends to dissapate negativity. 

(Sounds like an excellent gift for your partner, or for yourself!)

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