Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!
Gauze Bells ~ Sale!

Gauze Bells ~ Sale!

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These pants are a celebration that will have you moving freely as you dance your mark on this earth. They are made of 100% breathable, moisture-wicking woven cotton. They are light, but not transparent, having a shorts lining of cotton. Wide smocking in the back provides a comfortable fit for all the moves! For movement arts, these are a must.

They come in one size, fitting 2-8 US, or Small and Medium sizes. 

Overall length 36" inches. Rise 11" inches. Waist 24-40" inches. Hip up to 44" inches. 

Model in video is 5'5" and wears US 4/6

Pre-shrunk. Wash warm. Eco detergent only. Hang dry. Dance.

COLOR VARIATIONS  Our clothes are hand-dyed after they are sewn. This means there are minor variations in color. We have an excellent return policy if the color variation you receive is not fitting in your palette. We aim for our colors to match our photos. We hope you love them.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Joanne M.

I love these gauze bells, which I bought in gold, tho the color was more muted/green than I expected. They're extremely comfortable and easy to move in and they are nice and light. I hesitated when I opened them tho, as the front of the waistline is weird. The elasticated band at the back is really nice, but the poofy belly and single-elastic front is not flattering on my body type and just looks, kind of, awkward…? I am 5'1 and about 125lb, rounded and small.

I got round it pretty quickly by rolling the top over twice but I'd prefer a flat panel on the front.

That said, despite this, I do really love these pants. They are so nice in all other ways, that i overlook what is regularly a pet peeve (poofy waist).

Still, I'd pay more for this same trouser with a paneled waistband… if that were ever a thing to go down

Gabrielle T.

First of all- these bells are amazing. This is the third color I've ordered them in. They're very quickly becoming my go to pants for this summer. Not only are they comfortable and breatheable but they are absolutely gorgeous and so flattering!

Evelyn F.H.

Oh I just love these pants. Looks unique and interesting and fits well.
I intend to use it for tribal dance. Would love to get it in another color if and when it becomes available.
Thank you.

Aletha Z.

LOVE these pants. The best design ever!! The elastic panel in the back hugs your back and the seaming in the lower legs give the most elegant flow. Bonus— there is extra room in the seat for comfortable movement.

Sarah N.

These pants are exceptional- lightweight, comfortable, and strikingly attractive. They fit me very well, but it seems like they might not stretch to fit a larger person. I love them!