Be Cozy and Free

COTTON FLOWER is a collection of lightweight, elegant, playful clothing that honors the simple beauty of nature. Our clothing is made of soft, strong gauze cotton, styled playfully flowy. Earth material and flexibility come together with Fairy elements to remind us that we are the Spirit of nature. These are happy clothes. Come play with us in the garden!

THE CREATION of Cotton Flower clothing has positive working conditions that support many people in Northern California and Northern Thailand. Our clothing is produced by three different women-owned and operated small businesses in Northern Thailand, where the national motto is "sanuk," or "to make fun." Playful spirit is infused in the vibration of these clothes. Here in California, we sing, dance, and bless the clothes while we wet, trim, and fold them for you. We imagine the recipients feeling comfort and freedom to live their best life. Every piece is wrapped in 100% recycled packaging and sent to you promptly.

WE ARE LOCATED in the Coastal Redwoods of Northern California, in Sebastopol. Our workshop is on a working CSA farm surrounded by the peace of the forest and ocean breezes. 

                                                      ~May all beings awaken to LOVE~

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